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What are your credentials?
I am a Licensed Therapist and Mindset Coach. I have four degrees relating to mental health, psychology, brain science and human gender and sexuality. I have over a decade of experience, including 19 internships at various institutions including Planned Parenthood, Mt. Sinai, New York University, New York Presbyterian Hospital, The Federal Bureau of Investigation, The Sri Lakan National Institute of Health and Rikers Island Correctional Facility. I have appeared on dozens of interviews and podcasts and am a national and international speaker on mental health, self-compassion and radical and relentless self-love and empowerment.  Learn more about me here.

Do you have a therapy practice?
I am the proud owner of
Mindful Mental Health, a tele-health mental health and counseling agency serving clients who reside in New Jersey.

Note: As of April 1, 2023, I am exclusively working at my own practice and am no longer affiliated with any other office, agency or practice.

What do you provide therapy for?

I specialize in anxiety, trauma and sex & intimacy, but my true passion is helping people, particularly women, let go of guilt and shame, say goodbye to anxiety and live a life that is lead by passion and purpose, rather than from pressure.


Whether you are a lady-boss, a non-stop moving mom, the housekeeper, your family's planner, an organizational mastermind, or all of the above, I help clients stop spinning, stop struggling to be it all, and stop living on the brink of losing you freaking mind so they can reconnect to their confidence, remember their self-worth and create a life that is unstoppable.

What if I do not live in New Jersey?
I offer my Signature Coaching Program, Becoming Unstoppable, for clients outside of New Jersey and for those inside of New Jersey who do not qualify for therapy or prefer the coaching model. Find more about my coaching programs here

What is the difference between therapy and coaching?
While both coaching and therapy can include skill and confidence building, thought challenging, and mindfulness training, their application differs in many ways,

Therapy is appropriate for individuals that have an official me
ntal heath diagnoses (i.e: Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Major Depression, Adjustment Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). If the client does not have a diagnosis, the therapist is able to conduct a mental health assessment to determine if one is justified.  Mental health treatment (aka: therapy) is considered official healthcareAs such, the therapist is required to be licensed under state law and be a National Provider.  The therapist is also required to provide a detailed, individual treatment plan with objective treatment goals for each client that counts as an official part of the client's medical records.  Duration of therapy and specific treatment goals will differ depending on client needs, diagnosis and comorbidity (presence of multiple diagnoses).  Depending on the plan, therapy clients may be eligible to be reimbursed for services through their health insurance.

Therapy often reviews a person's history to identify patterns and to gain a deep understanding of behaviors and themselves.  A therapist will help a client understand their past, deal with their present and prepare for their future.  Therapy can involve learning coping skills, emotional regulation and trauma recovery.

Coaching is appropriate for clients who are not in serious distress nor have major mental health concerns.  Coaching is more goal-oriented and futu
re-focused. The length and content of the program will be the same for each client.  Coaching is not considered healthcare and clients will not be eligible to use insurance for reimbursement.

Are you taking new clients?
Yes, however I have very limited availability for new therapy clients and require a weekly commitment for a minimum of 4 months.  Since my retention rate (how long clients stay) is very high, new openings may not become available again for months to years once filled.

Therapy Intensives are offered continually throughout the year.

Per coaching, I only take a few coaching clients at a time and they often fill up.  Please check the coaching page to see if I am currently accepting clients.

Do you have a waitlist?
I operate on a first-come-first-serve basis and am often fully booked as I take a limited number of both therapy and coaching clients and I also have limited availability.  If you are interested in working with me, I highly recommend booking a Therapy Consultation (New Jersey only) or a Discovery Coaching Call, but I do not hold a waitlist.

What are your hours?
My therapy hours are:
    Tuesday: 11-4
Thursday: 12-5
For therapy intensives, and coaching clients, hours will vary depending on the needs of the client and my own availability.

Do you take insurance?

I am what is called an out-of-network provider.  While you may be eligible for reimbursement, I am no longer paneled on any insurance companies.  (See below to see if you qualify).

How do I know if I qualify for reimbursement?
Believe it or not, a substantial amount of my clients have out-of-network benefits through their plan, even though it is common for them to be unaware of it.  These plans typically reimburse 50-80% of the rate back to the client.

I use a company called Mentay
a to help me establish if a client or potential client has these benefits.  To check your benefits, use the form below. Alternatively, you are welcome to email me your information and I can check for you.  

OMG I have OON benefits!!
Sweeeeeeet.  I love it when that happens. Heres what happens next:

Full payment is due at time of service, and a credit card will remain on file. Using OON is solely up to the client and neither myself nor Mindful Mental Health LLC are responsible for reimbursement.

BUT...once a month I will provide you what is called a "superbill" that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. 

(my billing company) also has a beautiful service for those that are looking to take the leg work out of it all.  For 5% of the cost of a session they can submit the claim on your behalf.  Note: I get absolutely nothing from a client using this service, other than the peace of mind that the process might be easier.

Oh no! I don't have OON benefits!
For those without out-of-network benefits, you will be charged my private pay rate on the day of service.

But didn't you get into therapy to help people?
I sure did, and I am doing exactly that.  While I have spent a large portion of my career taking insurance and serving agencies and under-served communities, I have invested in myself so that I could become highly specialized.  I have an extensive (and impressive) resume, and have a lot (I mean a lot) of education and training.  Charging a low rate only helps a handful of clients per year, burns me out and is not aligned with my higher purpose. However, my justified rate allows me to stay focused with clients and be fully present.  It also allows me to commit to many of my other ventures, which serve more than a small client load.  I provide free training and resources. I am a domestic and intentional speaker. I offer free and low-rate workshops and community events. I have a free social media account on mental health.  I have a podcast and appear on others where I offer advice and education.  I write a weekly newsletter.  I host a live webseries where people can ask me questions.  I volunteer and am a member of various community boards. I donate.  I feel warm and fuzzy inside with how accessible my message is... but exclusive access to me is limited, so individualized one-to-one is a premium service.

What are your therapy rates?
Weekly individual Therapy (45-50 minutes): $250

What if weekly doesn't work for me?
For clients that are not looking for weekly sessions, are unavailable at the times I am available, or are looking to try a different atyle than weekly therapy, I do offer therapy intensives.  This approach is short-term, less frequent (sometimes only two sessions) and as the name suggests is a deep, straight to the punch type of session.  It is great for clients who have limited time, are looking to focus on one specific area and for clients where traditional talk therapy has not been effective.

What is a therapy intensive?
This type of session is a fast-pass and a premium service to which clients have had tremendous results and powerful transformations.  I like to think of it as 3 months of therapy packed into just one or two sessions.

New clients must book a minimum of two sessions: one 90-minute session to gather information and formulate a concrete plan of action + one 3 hour session (90 minute clinical session- 30 minute break- 90 minute clinical session).
I conduct a complimentary 20-minute consultation prior to starting services where we can discuss the treatment plan, and decide how long and how many sessions feel appropriate.

To learn more, you can book your consultation here.

What are the rates for intensives?
Therapy Intensives demand more from me in terms of energy, preparedness and logistics. Furthermore, they are a fast-pass to healing, therefore intensives come at a higher rate than weekly sessions.  Sessions are billed at $550 for 90-minutes inside of my business hours (M-F 11-4) and
$650 for sessions outside of those hours (before 11, after 4 and weekends). 
New clients must book 3 sessions to initiate services.  Additional sessions can be added as 90-minute or a 180-minute session.
What if the 3 hour session is too long for me?
Each 3 hour intensive will come with a 30 minute break in between 90-minute sessions, making it a total of 3.5 hours.  The point of the intensives is to cover and process a lot during a small period of time, and I have found that clients get the most out of 3 hours inside of the same day. However, if that feels like too much, I do allow the client to book two 90-minute session as long as they are within the same week.
The session structure will also be heavily client-centered, meaning I can adjust the pace according to the comfort and desire of the client. 

Are intensives cover by insurance?
Just like weekly sessions, this will be determined by your own insurance plan and I will do my best to get you the most accurate information on reimbursement prior to starting services. 

To be reimbursed, I will provide yo
u a superbill for you to submit to your insurance and your insurance will reimburse you the percentage of services based on your plan.  I can also submit your claim though Mentaya, my billing service, for the rate (to them directly) of 5% of the package cost.  But ultimately, it is the responsibility of the client to determine their own eligibility and if and how much will be covered. 

Do you offer sliding scale therapy?
Yes. However, all sessions are currently full through 2025.
Do you offer in-person sessions?
No. While I began my career as a in-person therapist, the pandemic highlighted the benefits of tele-therpy.  Mindful Mental Health is a tele-health counseling agency only. I do not offer in-person sessions, nor do I have any plans to in the future.

But is tele-health effective?
Absolutely. While there is no doubt that in-person sessions are great, tele-therapy is just as effective. Primarily, therapy is a relationship and a safe space.  This can easily translate over video.  I use a HIPAA compliant platform which upholds the same confidentiality as an office.  Additionally there are some great advantages to tele-therapy, as many people find it easier to schedule and make time for.  It also allows me to see people who are farther away. 

Tele-heatlh is understandably not for everyone, of course. There may be reasons such as privacy issues in the home or limited access to technology that would make virtual therapy difficult.  I understand. There are lot of therapists that can accommodate these needs and see clients in-person.  I
am just not one of them.

Do I need to be local to see you?
No! (Huge benefit of tele-health!) I am licensed in the state of New Jersey and can take clients throughout the state.  I am currently working on getting licensed in additional states. Check back later for details.

Is there a cancellation policy?
Yes. I understand that things come up, but to protect my time, ensure that all client get an opportunity to be seen, and to reaffirm consistency, a strict 24 hour cancellation policy is enforced.  A full session will be charged for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice. Please note that insurance does not cover cancellations and no reimbursement will be able to be submitted. Cancellation policies are explicitly reviewed in the consent each client signs prior to beginning services.

Do you offer a consultation?
Yes, I do.  Book yours using the links below:
Therapy Consultation
Coaching Consultation

However, all information on rates, insurance, availability and hours can be found on this website  The consultation is only used to answer questions that I may not have covered and just to put a face to a name.  I have found over the years that often new clients want to use the consultation as a first session and will provide information on themselves and their presenting problem (basically the reason they want a session).  I highly advise against this and will be unable to take information on the client themselves during consultation.  The intake is an important process and it is essential to honor the procedure and start off right!

What are you rates for coaching?
I offer various coaching packages throughout the year, but packages start at $2,399.

For a list of current offerings and packages, please see here.

Do you offer reduced coaching rates?
No. My coaching packages rates are set and non-negotiable. (Though insider tip: I occasionally run special offers to members of my newsletter, The Inner Circle.  Sign up here to be the first to know.)

I have invested a significant amount of my own resources (time, money, and education) into developing these programs, and I am fully confident in the appropriateness of their rates. A lot of the work I do in the coaching programs is help people understand their own worth. I would be a poor role model if I lowered my own.

Do you offer payment plans?
Signature Coaching Programs are billed monthly. 

Therapy is paid at time of service.  For therapy intensives, a 50% deposit is due at time of booking and the remainder is due day of service.

Do you have any free resources?
Heck yeah I do! I have FREE RESOURCES (here!) and provide a weekly FREE newsletter on mental health, empowerment, body positivity, sober curiosity, self-compassion, coping skills, self-love, relationships and so much more! Subscribe for access to this exclusive content here.

You can also follow me on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Pintrest, Linkedin and Twitter for access to the above and additional related content.



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