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Let's talk sex.

My name is Allison and I am a Licensed Therapist who specializes in sex & intimacy.

Sex is a fundamental part of human life and intimacy is a healthy part of relationships.  Yet, it is so common for individuals to struggle with what happens in the bedroom.  Whether it is:

Embarrassment around sexual desires

Uncertainty around sexuality

Fear of judgement from others

Performance anxiety issues

Poor body image and confidence

Lack of language around sex

Inability to communicate needs

...most people will experience some sort of discomfort in their sexual life.


Part of being unstoppable is knowing what you want. And yet...

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35% of women report not knowing what they want sexually.

More than 80% of people wish they had better or more sex.

Most people report discomfort around talking about sex, even with their partner(s).

Let go of shame.

There is a lot of (unfair) shame and stigma around sex.  Whether it comes from a religious upbringing and purity culture, a lack of sexual education and conversation around sex or from toxic societal expectations, shame is not an uncommon feeling when we are talking about what turns us on.

That is why I offer a shame-free space to encourage exploration and discuss sexual wants, needs and desires. 

Some topics I cover are:

Wanting more (or less) sex

Interest in a sexual subculture

Healing from purity culture

Sexual and/or Gender Identity

Expressing needs to partner(s)

Dealing with a difference in sex drive with partner(s)

Navigating poly and open relationships


Half of women and one-third of men experience sexual trauma.

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I also work with clients who are survivors of sexual trauma.


I help clients restore their safety, reconnect to their bodies and their sexuality and reclaim their sexual empowerment and liberation.

Find freedom in the bedroom.

A fundamental part of being unstoppable is being embodied and connected to your sexual energy and being empowered enough to decide what that means to you individually.


I have four degrees relating to mental health, psychology, human sexuality and intimacy.  I have a validating, sex-positive and judgement-free approach to these conversations.

Whether you are looking to explore your sexuality, want to rebuild intimacy with your partner(s), or want to heal from a sexual trauma, I have over a decade of experience helping people reclaim their sex life and get comfortable with intimacy.

*Men and queer folx welcome!

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Two Models to Choose From:



Weekly sessions are appropriate for the client who is looking for continual support, wants to not only address deeper root systems of intimacy concerns, but is also looking for a safe space to process daily life stressors (in and out of the bedroom).  This client that wants some extra hand-holding and to take it at a slower pace.

(Note: availability for weekly sessions may be limited)



Therapy intensives are designed for clients that have limited availability, are looking for quick action and fast results in reclaiming their sexuality and confidence in intimacy.  Think of it as way to get a few months of therapy in just a few sessions. therapy intensives may involve techniques not offered in weekly therapy such as emdr, visualizations, and in-session somatic processing, so it may be perfect for the client who feels they have not gotten the results they desired in traditional therapy.

Join the Inner Circle.



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